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It’s time to heal the blocks standing in your way! You know it’s YOUR TIME! All you need to do is commit to your growth.

What is Behind the Power?

Behind the Power is a conference built on the combination of Science and Spirituality. What does that mean? It means you will finally have the tools to put those intrusive and destructive thoughts to rest, and to focus more on tapping into your powerful intuition to take those next big steps in your life!

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You hold the key to the treasure inside of you that brings expansion, opportunity, prosperity, and PERSONAL POWER. All you need to do is SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF! 


Your vision is waiting for you. This is not a cheerleading seminar. I’d never do that to you! This IS an innovative, proven way to get to the bottom of everything that isn’t working for you so that you CAN (and will) be SUCCESSFUL! 

October 19-21 - Hotel Colee, Atlanta, Georgia

Imagine being together, in a room filled with like-minded souls, who see you, hear you, and feel you. 
  • You don’t have to fight for your place in this room. It’s being held for you in a loving, non-judgmental space.
  • You will feel safe to express yourself fully to FINALLY get the answers you NEED to thrive!
Allow yourself three days. You’re worth it!
  • Do you hustle, grind, and push through only to end up not completely satisfied? Guess what? That’s normal. Behind the Power is a great way to kickstart your new life of deeper satisfaction and expansive prosperity. 
  • If you can give yourself three uninterrupted days to gain new insights, work on yourself, and create NEW SOLUTIONS to the same old problems you keep experiencing, you will leave this conference with new perspectives and new opportunities. 
Your successful business is waiting for your clarity! Your thriving life is holding its breath for your expansion. Everything you want is waiting for you to TAKE THIS NEXT STEP!
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We are connecting at  : 

Hotel Colee, Buckland, Atlanta

Oct 19-21, 2022

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Meet Allyson Roberts

Hi! I’m Allyson, a highly sought after speaker, best-selling author, and intuitive coach to hundreds of people all over the world. I’m the founder of Unapologetic Power, LLC., a practice focused on an innovative approach to helping people heal from trauma through my unique process of Personalized Science. 


I teach people how to change their perspective of themselves and the world by stepping fully into their authenticity - the most freeing path a person can embark on. This allows my clients to attain MASSIVE success while simultaneously building deeper connections with those in their personal and professional circles. 


As a survivor of childhood abuse I understand trauma and feeling like life is presenting little to no options. When I was only 19, I found myself homeless and dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. I fought my way out of that situation by relying not only on my intuition, but also on my cognitive behavioral education and skills and life-transformative meditation. I know what it takes to thrive in this world, especially when you’ve had trials and tribulations early in life. I’m totally committed to the success of those I work with. 


So, why come to Behind the Power? Because it will present opportunities not available to you prior, and that’s only because you haven’t believed it’s possible for you, or somewhere along the way you’ve been burned or lost hope.


This is the place where I say, “Welcome home and buckle in!” I’m going to show you what you’ve been missing, what’s possible, and how to turn your life around NOW!

“You can’t use today’s mindset to build tomorrow’s dream unless you learn how it’s done!”

“Working with Allyson is like a warm hug and a butt kick all at the same time. She digs in! She gets me. She understands me and where it is I want to go. I love working with her and my life has shifted DRAMATICALLY since our work began. I can’t say enough amazing things.”


-Kerri F.

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“My life is moving so fast! I was stuck before I started working with Allyson. She has this uncanny ability to see right through what’s happening, stop the train from going in a crazy direction, and get it back on course. I’ve seen her do this with other clients, too, because I’ve referred my family and friends to her for years! She’s the real deal!”

·Samantha L.

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At Behind the Power:

  • You won’t feel lost, alone, or unheard. ​

  • You won’t leave inflated only to feel deflated a few short days later.

  • There are no cliques or group-think vibes. 

  • Support will be offered and given freely the entire time you’re with me.

  • Your every need will be met. From food and accommodations to vendor tables and access to event leaders, every resource you need will be there. 

  • You’ll leave with POWERFUL and REALISTIC TOOLS to elevate your life.

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