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Straight from my heart!

Saying yes to ourselves can be super scary especially when we run around taking care of everyone else and making sure their needs are met before our own. But here’s the thing, that’s exactly the reason you need to come and be with us. There’s something incredibly powerful about being on stage with me getting some much needed insightful guidance. Even if you opt out of hands-on coaching, you’re still going to get A LOT out of watching others being coached on stage. 


Last year, people started having “aha moments” within just a matter of minutes after I started sharing WHY we form our habits and HOW they can be transformed. Knowing what’s going on underneath the surface can be so life altering that your dreams can literally start unfolding almost immediately. That’s why people say that knowledge is power - gaining the knowledge of what your truest and deepest desires really are is the first step toward living a POWERFUL and FULFILLING life!


The community I have built around my business is special and that’s just the truth. We honor one another. That is really huge - especially right now when there is so much division in our world. When was the last time you felt unconditionally accepted in a group of people you barely know? It happens here. After our event last year, people were reaching out to me for weeks saying how much they missed everyone and how the love inside the room was mind blowing. Those same people are coming back this year - some of them are even speaking!


Please honor us by saying YES to yourself and joining this community. 

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